Why Digital Marketing is Essential for Startup’s and its Growth?

Without proper Digital Marketing Strategy, No one starts any business now a day. Because Digital Marketing plays a major and vital role in marketing strategy for any new business irrespective of any size they are into.Though in the initial stages you may have few budget allotted with fixed size of employees

How to Secure your WordPress Website?

How to Secure your WordPress Website? 10 Tips to Secure Your WordPress site, WordPress is an open source code used to make an internet site so you could secure your website as the security of the website is a very important thing. Here are several tips to secure your website from hackers.

Best Digital Marketing Company in Chennai

The Dextra Technologies, a Digital Marketing group is a professional SEO expert company Chennai has been presenting SEO services for the different sector of industries and companies for several years in Chennai and across the globe. For you to know our quality SEO work take a look at our profile